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Myths, Quackery, Denialism, and Pseudoscience

Chiropracty is quackery and pseudoscience

Docs Question Chiropractic Approach Called ‘Quantum Neurology’ by Eleanor Cummins, Medscape May 15, 2021 From diets rich in hot pepper for the prevention of viral infections, bleach baths to treat disease, and homeopathy for virtually any symptom, questionable treatments have multiplied during the COVID-19 pandemic, and false health information has [Read more…]

Masked and unmasked pedestrians walked around Manhattan

Why the CDC Changed Its Advice on Masks​

Why the C.D.C. Changed Its Advice on Masks​ by Apoorva Mandavilli, New York Times May 14, 2021 Two scientific findings altered the calculus: Vaccinated people don’t transmit the virus, and the shots are effective against variants.​ For months, federal officials have vigorously warned that wearing masks and social distancing were [Read more…]