Why Running With Shrimp?

The story behind this site and the domain name is actually very simple and rather bland. I was awake due to my chronic insomnia one night several years ago and I think playing and/or creating music on my guitar and the phrase “running with shrimp” popped into my head. It never made it into a song lyric but it stuck with me, and some time later I discovered it was available as a domain name on GoDaddy and grabbed it.

I wasn’t sure at the time what I was going to do with the domain but it conjured up some interesting mental images for me, notably shrimp crawling along the sand and me trying to keep up with them. Shrimp are not known to be especially speedy whether in the water or on dry land so I liked the thought of being so tired or so overwhelmed that I had to work to keep up with them.

Life in general and current events in particular can be like that, especially in the age of smart phones and instant technology. We are inundated with so much information and so much misinformation on an hourly basis that it’s not difficult to feel sometimes that we are drowning in the overload — again, the image of trying to keep up with shrimp, this time swimming in the water, seems apt to me.