CANVAS-COVID Study Results in Canada and by Province

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The CANVAS-COVID Study Results site contains the latest results from surveys of Canadians receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccinations. You can review results nationally or drill down to the results of each province.

Some highlights as of April 21, 2021:

  • Total persons enrolled in study = 531 542
  • Vaccination dose received and survey completed: Dose 1 Survey = 268,426; Dose 2 Survey = 2,263

People experiencing local reaction (injection site pain/swelling/redness): 43%

Most frequent other health events reported: 1

  • Systemic Symptoms (fever, fatigue, muscle ache, feeling unwell): 2.2% 2
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea: 1.2% 2

1 This survey question is poorly worded as “Did you develop any new health events after receiving the injection”. I assumed that meant a serious health event beyond the normal expectations for a vaccination so I answered “No”. If you do that, you don’t see the subsequent questions so there is nothing to indicate that my interpretation of the question was not what was intended by the survey authors.

2 These questions are not asked if you answer “No” to the question noted in 1. If they had been, I would have realized that I answered the first question about new health events as “Yes” — I did have the Systemic Symptoms lasting for about 3-4 days but did not have the opportunity to report that.

Despite those limitations, I think the results are quite encouraging and reassuring as to the safety of the vaccines.


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