Ontario’s strategy for managing the pandemic? What strategy?

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In the past few weeks, Canada has been seeing record daily and weekly numbers of new COVID-19 cases with every passing day. The Premier of Ontario has never acted preemptively since the pandemic begun. He waits until the situation is critical and then REacts but even then doesn’t seem to have any idea what to do. After his Buck-a-Beer campaign and privatizing crown corporations including nursing homes and giving plush positions to his wealthy buddies and cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting back on health c are funding and school funding, he was completely out of ideas.

There is no question that we need more vaccines and more vaccine centers and more nurses to staff them. Ford’s response was to “beg” other provinces to send some nurses to Ontario. There is so much wrong with this it’s difficult to know where to start: Are these nurses not needed in their own province? Would they even be licensed in Ontario if they were “sent”? Why would the want to relocate to fix Ford’s mess in the first place.

Prime Minister Trudeau (federal government) then sent in the Red Cross to Ontario to assist. Ford refused that help. What the hell? He acknowledges he needs help and then refuses the help that’s offered? Beyond comprehension.

The situation was similar in Alberta with Premier Kenney following a similar trajectory to Ford until very recently but at least Kenney has the intelligence to realize that they are in over their heads and need a new and better strategy for managing the pandemic. I am not a fan of Kenney but I give him credit for doing what he needs to now, even if it would have been better done last year.

So basically, in several Canadian provinces right now, the situation has gone out of control and there is no doubt that extreme measures are needed before this whole pandemic explodes exponentially — and they don’t have very much time to act.

Like many countries, Canada is seeing what happens when politicians get up to their usual dumbassery and ignore the medical-scientific evidence and recommendations. Instead of common sense, what the politicians have done is lock down for a few weeks and then open up and then lock down for a few more weeks because the spread explodes… over and over and over again, defying all logic.

So what do I really think? Gee I don’t know…

Who remembers Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changing?

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled

I think the planet would have managed this whole pandemic a whole lot better if we had let the medical-science people manage this pandemic instead of politicians — and I mean that to apply to virtually every country on the planet. The only ones who have shown any common sense, in my opinion, are New Zealand and to a somewhat lesser extent Australia.

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