Our Search for Meaningfulness

The human brain is a curious organ. It is programmed from birth to actively search the world around us. As we get older and mature this search gets fine tuned and focused. We pursue education, friendships, hobbies, sports. Our quest for life experience allows us to learn about the world [Read more…]


Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

  “My friend told me to stop eating sugar because I am feeding my cancer. How can I do this? There is sugar in everything I eat. Do I have to give up fruits too?” MYTH  If you were to perform a quick search about this topic, you will find [Read more…]


Determining Fluid Requirements

March is National Nutrition Month! To honor National Nutrition Month, our resourceful dietician friends have created a number of blogs that will post during the month of March. These blogs will cover popular nutrition topics and myths. Check back often to see what new topics are being blogged about! Making [Read more…]